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Better learning outcomes is at the
core of everything we do!

At Notesgen, we are building an integrated learning network that combines an inter-operable and personalized learning platform for learners and an AI-powered cloud platform for educators.

Content and Tutor Marketplace with
personalisation and interaction features

The Notesgen content and tutor marketplace enables access to all types of content and experienced educators from a variety of trusted sources. The platform enables interaction between content creators and the community to discuss and resolve queries. The Notesgen personalized learning platform help learners learn at their own pace, in their unique learning style to accomplish their desired goals.

So, we are a single platform where learners can:

  • Access content and tutors from various sources like their school, coaching institutes, other ed-tech platforms, experts, peers, and public sources
  • Interact with experts and peers while learning via features like group study, ask forum, audio-video calls, chat and learning communities
  • Personalize their journey to learn at their own pace and style

AI Powered Solutions for the Education Industry

Cloud-based tools in the Notesgen platform help educators buy and sell expert content, offer personalized learning experiences to their students, optimize business operations and grow through our vast network.

For educators (Institutes, Schools, Colleges, Tutors),
Notesgen's Cloud platform enables:

  • Digitization of their operations
  • Creation and delivery of content online
  • Personalized learning experience to their students
  • Growth in network and opening centres in new markets in no time
  • Nurturing developers to build and sell tools for the education sector

Notesgen is building strong pillars of competitive advantage
for sustainable growth and returns.

With over 5.5Mn learners from 195 countries, 100K+ user generated content and SaaS revenue of $500K in FY20,
Notesgen is on a hyper growth path and is uniquely positioned to become one of the most valuable players in the EdTech space.

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