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As a Developer Partner, you help solve problems for academic institutions all over the world by creating SaaS products for the education industry using Notesgen SDKs and API platform.

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Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Data-driven reports generated by our platform to help you improve the efficiency of your product. You assess its performance in relation to others, identify user pain-points and rollout updates as you see fit. We also publish customer demand forecasts to indicate specific customer needs.
SDKs and API Platform

SDKs and API Platform

Easy-to-use software development kits with a comprehensive library and an API platform enabling quick development with minimal investment.
Security and Deployment

Security and Deployment

Deploy efficiently and scale up with secure managed cloud services. Complete protection of your intellectual property by securing your source code from hackers and threats, enabling your product to scale up to run on multiple softwares repeatedly.

We equip you with best-in-class tools

Serverless Architecture

Cloud Storage

Cloud SQL: Database as a Service

Cloud Security

Cloud Natural Language

Cloud STT - Speech-Text Service

Notesgen API Platform

Notesgen Monetization Platform

Cloud Content Delivery Network

Cloud Storage Serverless Architecture Cloud SQL: Database as a Service Cloud Natural Language